Dear IBF Church family,

In the COVID-19 update from the Swiss government they decided to close schools throughout the country and a ban on public gatherings of more than 100 people, restaurants are limited to 50 people and border checks with neighboring countries have been reintroduced. The ban on gatherings will last at least through the end of April and schools will be closed until April 4th. We are slightly below the threshold of 100 at IBF but we are close enough to warrant caution.

In line with the decision of the Swiss government, we have decided that we will not meet together on Sunday evenings but move our services online for the rest of March and into April. We want to give a brief rationale and then explain how we are moving forward.

We are not people who live out of fear but out of faith.

We want to let you know that the decision to suspend our services the next few Sundays is not driven by fear. Rather, we are seeking to love one another and our larger Swiss and Liechtenstein community as well. Love seeks the welfare of the other– and certainly this includes their physical welfare. The Swiss health experts have determined that we have an opportunity to help shorten the duration and intensity of this coronavirus pandemic by not gathering in large groups. We also remember the words of Paul in Romans 13 about being subject to governing authorities and showing them respect. We feel that following their recommendation is a way that we can show our government leaders honor.

The decision to not hold our regular services does not mean that we cannot gather in other ways to worship or to serve! We are not “cancelling church,” but temporarily shifting the ways that our church family does life and worship together.

  • We encourage you to meet in homegroups or other small group gatherings. Individuals with cold or flu symptoms should stay home as is normally done to not infect others.
  • We are video-recording the services planned for Sunday and live broadcasting them on the IBF website. Please visit our Online Worship Service to join or to look up the next service time.
  • This is a great opportunity for family time, so seize the moment with creative ideas.
  • Look for opportunities to serve and love people around you in the name of Christ.

These are interesting times. As we all make decisions we have no experience making, let us be gracious to those who decide to do things differently than we would. Above all, in this unprecedented season, let’s continue to be people of prayer, faith, and steadfast confidence in our Lord.

Trey, Scott, Stuart and Paul

Merry Christmas


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