Farewell from Pastor Bruce and Shirley

Farewell from Pastor Bruce and Shirley

To say we are torn within…

…at the thought of having to leave you is an understatement. Deep bonds of fellowship have developed during the past three years, which will never be forgotten. We may never see some of you again, but the one great consoling factor for us is that for God’s people there is eternity in heaven to which we can look forward, where we can fellowship together again.

I would encourage you to be faithful to the Lord and to His Church. Each one of the Church family is needed in the days ahead. My joy, like the apostle Paul, will come from you, when in the days ahead, I hear news of how the Church family has stuck together and continued, as you are now.

I ask you to give your full support to the Leadership in our Church:

Paul Haugtvedt

Fritz Geiser

Trey Sklar
Elder Elder Elder
Paul is an Elder and one of the founding members of IBF. He and his wife Vicki have been married for 38 years and have lived and worked in Switzerland since 1993. Fritz and his wife Kathi served Christ for many years in the reformed Church in Grabs and across four continents. Since their retirement in 2014 they have joined IBF. Trey joined IBF in 2014 together with his wife, Kristina, and their four children. He’s a published author and has been involved in ministry and service around the globe.

And now, as a couple we thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

for your love and kindness shown to us in so many ways; for your friendship and fellowship; for making our years with IBF a wonderful time in our life; most of all for the pivilege we have had serving you.


When we return to South Africa we will be working with a mission, coaching church planting pastors in the Eastern Cape region of the country. This ministry will involve a lot of traveling. Shirley will also be involved in setting up Kindergarten schools in these facilities. We will be grateful for your prayer support.

Eastern Cape in South Africa

Bruce & Shirley Davie

Bruce and Shirley



  1. Catherine Sommer

    Farewell is not goodbye – I live in hope of meeting up with you both again one day in this life, and am very grateful that in spite of my long absence from IBF I had the pleasure and privilege of getting to know you, and to count you as friends. God bless you in all your undertakings.

  2. Jodi Spieldiener

    Bruce and Shirley, we have been so blessed with your ministry and love and compassion and desire to share the Gospel. IBF has grown in so many ways over the past 3 years and we first give God the glory and thank Him for sending you both to us.

    Next, I would personally like to say “thanks” for your perseverance and sweet gentle love. Our lives have been changed for eternity and it’s because of your obedience and honesty. Thanks for everything!

  3. Danielle Dunavant

    Dear Pastor Bruce and Shirley,

    I pray the Lord will richly bless you as you return home to your family and friends. I thank you for your wonderful care of my family in Switzerland, and I know you will be greatly missed. I also wanted to thank you for your prayers concerning my situation. I deeply regret not being able to say goodbye in person.

    May God’s peace and grace cover you both on the next adventure He has in store for you!

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